DAE Precision Rifle ARCHER (Advanced Rifle - Compact, High-accuracy, Extended Range)

The ARCHER system is designed to be used by Designated Marksmen and trained Snipers to engage moving and static targets at both long and short ranges. The system is capable of half-MOA accuracy and can deliver repeated hits on silhouette targets at ranges of 800 meters, though the effective range obtained from the rifle obviously depends on training and ability of the personnel utilizing the system. The rifle system design deliberately capitalizes on prior shooting and maintenance skills of individuals trained and proficient with M110 type rifles and M4 type carbines, but provides an inherently more robust and precision system.

Potential applications range from counter sniper actions conducted by Government and Law Enforcement agencies, to the most severe operational conditions encountered by Forward Deployed General Purpose/Expeditionary and Special Operations Forces or Direct Action forces on the battlefield.

The system is capable of sustained, accurate fire in a combat scenario of ten rounds per minute while continuing to hold a sub-MOA accuracy level. This potential is obtained through the use of precision machined components and tight manufacturing tolerances to minimize the part-to-part variance while still protecting interchangeability between multiple systems in the user's armory.

An available titanium monocore suppressor reduces the sound signature of the system by more than 30db over the unsuppressed rifle, enhancing tactical superiority. This suppressor can be removed and reattached with minimal POI shift and is user-serviceable.

ARCHER rifle systems can be custom-tailored to the specific needs of your department or agency. They can also be provided in a pre-zeroed condition with data sheets provided indicating the conditions at the time of factory zeroing to allow subsequent adjustment by your users depending on the conditions in which they employ the system.

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