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DAE Protection leverages over seventy years of experience designing, developing and qualifying products for the demanding requirements of the worldwide defense community to develop highly engineered solutions for militaries, police forces and federal agencies around the globe. These solutions are developed in collaboration with professionals from the Special Operations community as well as Federal and Local Law Enforcement.


Our key product lines are:


  • Semi Automatic and Bolt Action rifles and carbines capable of less than 1 MOA accuracy.
  •  Fully automatic carbines and rifles designed for demanding military and tactical law enforcement applications.
  • Highly engineered, efficient and lightweight weapon suppressors in a variety of calibers and mounting options.
  • Non-Lethal delivery systems capable of resolving non-compliant barricaded suspect engagements while minimizing the opportunity for catastrophic structure damage, thereby decreasing department liability.

 Do you have a need for a solution tailored to your unique requirements?

Developed by people who are experienced in working collaboratively with your internal design team as well as your end users?

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