Today's first responders must be prepared for the eventuality of a mass casualty incident where speed of response is paramount. In an urban setting, it is highly likely that the first responders on a mass casualty event will be motor traffic officers. With this in mind, DAE Protection has developed the Wolverine 300 and Wolverine 5.56.

Both systems capitalize on the inherent familiarity of personnel with AR pattern rifle systems. As an added benefit, both systems are integrally suppressed to promote situational awareness and tactical advantage when rounds must be discharged and also reducing the department's liability exposure for long term hearing loss disability.

The Wolverine 300 is chambered in the increasingly popular .300 Blackout cartridge which allows the user to employ both hyper-sonic and subsonic ammunition without any changes to the weapon platform.

The Wolverine 5.56 is chambered in the standard 5.56x45 NATO caliber and is also integrally suppressed in a reflex configuration. Sound reduction levels exceed 30db, significantly reducing the opportunity of duty-related hearing damage while allowing consistency of caliber across an entire department's armory.

Both systems are available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic configurations.